• Hong Cog-a-thon, May 2016

    OpenCog / Hanson Robotics hackathon and informal tutorial session Hong Kong Science Park, May 9-20, 2016 Attention all OpenCog developers! — and all wannabe OpenCog developers with reasonable programming/CS background – We are gathering a number of normally-scattered OpenCog and Hanson Robotics software people in Hong Kong during the period May 9-20, to share know-how [...]

    Posted on March 20th, 2016

    Written by Ben Goertzel

  • Pattern Miner!

    Check it out — thanks to Shujing Ke, we now have a “frequent and surprising pattern miner” for OpenCog, which runs either on a single machine or distributed across multiple machines! This is a “greedy algorithm” for exhaustively finding patterns in an Atomspace. ┬áIn the big picture, it’s intended to complement smarter but even-slower non-greedy [...]

    Posted on November 1st, 2015

    Written by Ben Goertzel

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