• (Virtual) OpenCogCon — July 15-16, 2020

    OpenCog Foundation, SingularityNET and TrueAGI are hosting a 2-day online event aimed at spreading the word about some of the interesting things currently being done with the OpenCog proto-AGI platform and toolset — and some of the future possibilities under current discussion, including the potential implementation of new and substantially different versions of core components. […]

    Posted on July 7th, 2020

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  • Notable OpenCog Related Events to be Featured at AGI-20

    As the premier conference series devoted to promotion of and research into Artificial General Intelligence, this years AGI-20 conference will feature several important events related to furthering OpenCog development. In particular, the conference will feature a workshop on “Next Generation AGI Architectures,” and tutorials on “Probabilistic reasoning and pattern mining using OpenCog” and on “Applied […]

    Posted on February 12th, 2020

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