• SingularityNET – The AI Economy Has Arrived

    A Platform for the Decentralized AI Economy SingularityNET, an OpenCog-affiliated project, is a free and open market for AI technologies, built on smart contracts, and oriented toward the emergence of powerful decentralized general intelligence.  It allows for the creation, combination, and monetization of AI technologies at scale. The SingularityNET platform was initially conceived by Ben Goertzel, […]

    Posted on October 17th, 2017

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  • Navigating the Singularity – AI & Our Future with Nil, Ben & Adam

    Poor Nil Geisweiller is grilled by Ben Goertzel and Adam Ford on timelines to the Singularity, Human Level AGI, Superintelligence and beyond! Straight from the Hanson Robotics Office – home for friendly humanoid robots and the possible launching place for a beneficial intelligence explosion! Questions: – How Long until Human Level AGI? – Obstacle to […]

    Posted on February 28th, 2017

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