• Some exciting news is that we have five Google Summer of Code students working on OpenCog projects this summer..

    • Integration of ROS (Robot Operating System) with OpenCog: Arsalan Akhter, mentored by Matt Chapman
    • Packages for Ubuntu (and other Unix-like systems) and Cygwin port: Amber Jain, mentored by Nil Geisweiller and David Hart
    • DeSTIN/OpenCog integration: Alexander Morrow, mentored by Ben Goertzel
    • Extend MOSES to Encompass Primitive Recursive Functions Using Fold: Mandi Wang, mentored by Linas Vepstas
    • Spatial and Temporal Reasoning: Dario Garcia-Gasulla, mentored by Jared Wigmore

    We’re all excited to be participating in GSoC again, and to have a great bunch of students working on some important projects…

    Work on the OpenCog Hong Kong project is also going well — we’ve brought a full-time game developer (Lake Watkins) onto the project to help build a more interesting game-world and game-play on top of our Unity3D-based “OpenCog teaching/training platform.”  An additional graphic designer has been brought into the team and is working with Lake.  The game world is somewhat Minecraft-like in that many things in the world are made of blocks, although the gameplay is very different from Minecraft, involving a robot, a little girl and a ghost dealing with strange situations in a complex mansion.  Coordinated with this game-world work, Shujing Ke has been busy replacing the 2DSpaceMap in OpenCog with a 3DSpaceMap, which has required large changes in multiple parts of the code, and led to a general cleanup of lots of space-related OpenCog code.  (And the rest of the OpenCog HK team has been doing interesting stuff too, to be reported in later OpenCog updates…)

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    Posted on April 30th, 2012

    Written by Ben Goertzel



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