• Once more, a number of normally-widely-distributed OpenCoggers will gather in Hong Kong for a combination of collaborative software development, trying out software on Hanson robots, and advanced seminars and discussions.

    Dates this time are Nov 28-Dec 9 2016

    See this wiki page for details

    The seminars are generally open to anyone who wants to learn, and the hackathon is open to anyone who wants to hack.   In the latter case you’re advised to download OpenCog and get familiar with the code in advance; the learning curve is still steeper than we’d prefer it to be.   If you want to come and you’re not one of the usual OpenCog/Hanson crew, please say so in advance on the OpenCog email list or via email to ben AT goertzel DOT org, just so we know who to expect.

    (No cost to participate of course; but you gotta cover your own airfare and lodging etc. unless you can convince your employer or some other benefactor or the multiverse in general to do so…)

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    Posted on October 28th, 2016

    Written by Ben Goertzel



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