For up to date videos discussing OpenCog ideas, search for “Ben Goertzel” on YouTube.  Not all videos thus obtained are OpenCog-related, but many are.

A few older videos of general interest are listed below.

Open Cog Framework workshop (includes slideshow synched with video)

AGI11 – Open Cog – Google TechTalks

Ben Goertzel’s talk on Open Cog at Monash University 2011 (Melbourne Australia)

Some tutorials (though from 2009, are still vaguely relevant) – Open Cog tutorials, mostly in the form of screencasts.  Topics include ECAN, PLN, MOSES and Embodiment.

Ben Goertzel speaks about Open Cog, the ideas behind open sourcing AGI, the history, and the intended future.

Ben Goertzel speaks on Open Cog development, compares the vibe of AI development in Hong Kong to that of the dot com boom in the US.