Now Is the time for Artificial General Intelligence…

In 1965, I.J. Good projected an “Intelligence Explosion” – a period of history in which AI systems would rapidly get smarter and smarter, enabling amazing feats of digital wizardry and ultimately – in some aspects of general intelligence, at least – outdoing its human creators.

It is now 2017, and technology has advanced a long way since Good’s time.  The notion of an intelligence explosion has become almost commonsensical in some circles, with pragmatic visionaries like Ray Kurzweil and Intel CTO Justin Rattner arguing that AIs with general intelligence beyond the human level can be expected by the 2040s.

An increasing subset of professional AI researchers shares this optimism — as do we at OpenCog. We intend to be on the cusp of this intelligence explosion, poised to ride the possibilities of thought, and potentially far earlier than the 2040s.